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Commencement and End of Year


Gowns will be available for purchase through School Cash in March 2021. Students will collect their gowns at CCI during grad photos.

The Graduating Class of 2021 Graduation Gown, Cap & Tassel, Stole

As a potential graduate of the Class of 2021, you may purchase a graduate “set” for $20, consisting of a cap, gown, tassel and stole. These items are available as a set only and not available to purchase separately. This is not a rental.

For the gown size, please select Regular fit (up to size XL) OR Fuller fit (size XXL - XXXL), then further select a size according to your height. There are no exchanges if you ordered the incorrect size, so please double check before purchasing.

You can order up until April 2; no exceptions after this date.

The gowns will be shipped to the school and will be distributed to the students before April 26th (as grad photos are taking place April 26 - 30). Remote students will be notified about when they can come to the school to pick up their gowns.


Feel free to change format/wording as you think best suits the website or email message.  Please let me know if you need more info.



They will be scheduled the week of April 26-30th at CCI.

Attention grads! Grad photos are happening the week of April 26th  (yes, at the school!)

Book now! Visit

Our school code is CCV

(do not use CCI)  


Please wear a dress shirt and/or tie to your appointment. Please order your gown, sash and hat before April 2nd, so we will have it for you for your photo.

Pictures-Appointment Notice - CCV-1.pdf


In the past, all graduating students have been invited to a GRAD BBQ hosted by Administration and Guidance. Based on our COVID health situation in June, the decision will be made. If happening, community involvement hours must be complete to attend. Students will also vote for the Student Council President's Award and their Valedictorian.

Information About Commencement will be available to students on our Google Classroom "Class of 2021" the join code is: