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Sports & Clubs

​​We offer a range of sports, clubs and activities at our school. These activities are run by volunteers—our own staff—often with the help of parents or other community members.

Participating in sports and clubs is a great way for students to meet peers with similar interests. It's also a chance for students to explore their interests or discover a new skill.  

 For the schedule and results, click Secondary Athletics Schedules & Results

Some activities have a cost associated with them to help cover the cost of transportation and other resources. A student will not be excluded because of financial challenges. Please visit the office if you need assistance.  Financial support for athletics is also available from KidSport -- visit

We have something for everyone at CCI!

CCI Athletic Teams

Fall Sports Teams

Girls Basketball, Jr. and Sr. 

Boys Sr. Golf


Boys Football, Jr.

Boys Volleyball Jr. and Sr.

Boys Soccer, Jr. and Sr. 

Flag Football

Cross-Country Running

Winter Sports Teams

Girls Volleyball, Jr. and Sr.

Boys Basketball, Jr. and Sr.

Nordic Skiing, Boys and Girls, Jr. and Sr.     

Alpine Skiing, Boys and Girls, Jr. and Sr.

Swimming, Boys and Girls, Jr. and Sr.

Hockey, Boys Varsity

Hockey, Girls, Varsity

Spring Sports Teams

Girls Soccer, Jr. and Sr.

Girls Rugby, Varsity

Girls Soft Ball, Varsity

Boys Rugby, Jr. and Sr.

Boys Baseball, Varsity

Track and Field, Boys and Girls, Jr. and Sr.

Mountain Biking, Boys and Girls, Jr. and Sr.

CCI Clubs - 2021-2022

Photography/Film Club    Monday’s at Lunch            RM: 149

Students’ Council              Monday’s at Lunch               RM: TBD

A.V. Club                            Monday/Wednesday at Lunch    RM: 134

Athletic Council                  Tuesday’s at Lunch              RM: 178B

D & D/Table Games           Tuesday/Thursday at Lunch         RM: 131 

GAIA                Tuesday’s at Lunch            RM: 181

Wellness Club            Tuesday’s at Lunch            RM: 128

Chess                Wednesday’s at Lunch        RM: 224

Youth in Action        Wednesday’s at Lunch        RM: 112

GSA                                   Thursday’s at Lunch            RM: 126

Robotics            Thursday’s at Lunch            RM: 132

Tai Chi                Friday’s at Lunch            RM: 151

Coding                TBD                    RM: 132

Craft Club                               TBD    (Powell/Campbell)