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The Simcoe County District School Board is investing in its technological education programs to ensure students have access to industry-standard equipment, and current, relevant course content. We're also enhancing the safety standards in all our technological education labs. Technology courses include:

 Building Construction

TCJ101: Construction Technology - Grade 9 open
prerequisite - none

TCJ201: Construction Technology - Grade 10 open
prerequisite - none

TCJ3E1: Construction Technology - Grade 11
Workplace Preparation
prerequisite - none (TCJ201 is highly recommended)

TWJ3E1: Custom Woodworking - Grade 11
Workplace Preparation
prerequisite - none (TCJ201 is highly recommended)

TCJ4E1: Construction Technology - Grade 12
Workplace Preparation
prerequisite: TCJ3E1, Grade 11 Workplace Preparation Construction Technology

TWJ4E1: Custom Woodworking - Grade 12
Workplace Preparation
prerequisite: TWJ3E1, Custom Woodworking, Grade 11 Workplace Preparation


 Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Grades 9-12

Taking the Grade 9 Hairstyling and Aesthetics program - also fondly known as Cosmo (short for Cosmetology) - allows you to explore the many facets of the beauty industry. This introductory course includes learning how to perform various braiding techniques, a proper shampoo service, blow drying in a professional manner, as well as flat ironing. All of these hair services are taught using professional styling tools and products. The aesthetics portion of the course teaches (introduces) you preliminary manicures, pedicures and waxing.  We touch on skin care by investigating and completing a fun and informative project called "Facial from My Fridge". Again, products used during the instruction of these services are salon grade to allow you the best learning experience possible. You will have lots of opportunities to work on one another in order to perfect the skills that are taught.

The Grade 10 Hairstyling and Aesthetics program builds on the skills that you learned in grade 9. However, it is not necessary to have taken the grade 9 course in order to enroll and enjoy the grade 10 curriculum.  There is a focus on enhancing your practical skills by adding new techniques in both the hair and aesthetic portions. In grade 10 you are encouraged to add to your professional practices by participating in our Client Days which give you the opportunity to work on friends and family who pay a small fee for your services which, in turn, supports our program. We also do some fun and informative projects and research careers in the beauty industry.

In Grade 11 the skill level and hands-on, practical work increases. In both the salon and classroom you will develop a deeper level of understanding related to the scientific and chemical reactions that occur with hair, skin and nails.  Hair and aesthetic aspects that are taught will include perming, highlighting, blunt hair cuts, the use of professional grade metal implements and new products to improve the results of your manicure and pedicure services. Mini facials and a continuation with hair removal techniques will be taught as well.  You will implement marketing ideas to help promote our in-school salon and participate actively in decorating our display cases. There is no pre-requisite to take the grade 11 hairstyling and aesthetics course.

Grade 12 will give you a great foundation of both hair and aesthetics services that are up to industry standards. You will learn hair colouring, long layered haircuts, spa manicures, spa pedicures and facial treatments. There is an emphasis on independent theory work, and research projects, as well as an ample amount of time working on one another and clients to hone your acquired skills. The grade 12 program allows you much freedom and self-directed learning. This course is fun and interactive and will give you a deep understanding and the abilitiy/confidence to perform various hair and aesthetics services on a superior level. The grade 11 Hairstyling and Aesthetics course is a pre-requisite for this.

Collingwood Collegiate Institute is fortunate to have a state of the art facility featuring professional grade equipment and tools. All of the Hairstyling and Aesthetics courses are open to both female and male students. You are required to and must be willing to work on one another in all aspects of the practical services that are taught. As well, you will be expected to contribute to keeping the salon up to industry standards with regards to Health and Safety and cleanliness at all times/on a daily basis.

 Manufacturing Technology

TMJ 1O - Grade 9 Manufacturing Technology

TMJ 2O - Grade 10 Manufacturing Technology

TMJ 3E - Grade 11 Manufacturing Technology (Workplace)

TMJ 3C - Grade 11 Manufacturing Technology (College)

TMR 3C - Grade 11 Manufacturing Technology Robotics

TMJ 4E -Grade 12 Manufacturing Technology (Workplace)

TMJ 4C - Grade 12 Manufacturing Technology (College)

TMR 4C - Grade 12 Manufacturing Technology Robotics



Grade 9 Transportation (TTJ 1O)

Grade 10 Transportation (TTJ 2O)

Grade 11 Transportation Workplace (TTJ 3E)

Grade 11 Transportation College (TTJ 3C)

Grade 12 Transportation Workplace (TTJ 4E)

Grade 12 Transportation College (TTJ 4C)