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Social Sciences & Humanities

​​Social Sciences News

We have been busy starting our second semester in many of our courses. So far we have been learning about healthy eating and nutrients, decision making, creating healthy options in the kitchen, studying theories on development and how the brain works, prenatal development and care, the digestive system, what it means to become an adult, physical and cultural​ anthropology, Buddhism, working with grade 2 and Kindergarten students at Cameron St. Public School, building sustainable houses and more!!

IMG_2484.JPGMaking healthy food in Grade 12 Nutrition and Health
IMG_2455.JPGThe winning Digestive System from Nutrition and Health!
IMG_2490.JPGMaking waffles in Grade 10 Food and Nutrition!
20180309_091948 (1).jpg
Grade 12 Human Development class teaching the grade 2's at Cameron St. about money!

20180309_093022 (1).jpg
Image.pngLearning measuring techniques and reading recipes in Exploring Family Studies!
20180329_090539 (2).jpgLearning about the difference between the Autonomic and Somatic nervous system by playing games in Human Development!
20180404_131124.jpg​​Building a sustainable community out of recycled materials in Housing and Home Design!

Lisa April.jpgwebsite1.jpegTrying out the Pregnancy Belly in Parenting class!
website3.jpegTaking care of our Baby Think it Over infant simulators in Parenting class!


Our Social Sciences & Humanities Department provides a range of courses that help to build students' understanding of the world. We use current events and hands-on activities to help build students' empathy and character.


​L. Casaubon                           A. Bishop   
T. Checkley​                             S. Kennedy
A. Mills-Unwin


Grade 9

  • HIF 1O1-Exploring Family Studies

Grade 10

  • HFN 2O1- Food and Nutrition
  • HNL2O1- Clothing

Grade 11

  • HLS 3O1- Housing and Home Design **New**
  • HFC3M1- Food and Culture
  • HPC 3O1-Raising Healthy Children
  • HPW 3C1-Working with Infants and Young Children
  • HSP 3C/U1-Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

Grade 12

  • HFA 4C/U1-Nutrition and Health
  • HHG 4M1-Human Development Through the Lifespan
  • HHS 4M1-Families in Canada
  • HNB 4M1-The World of Fashion
  • HPD 4C1-Working with School Age Children and Adolescents
  • HSB 4U1-Challenge and Change in Society