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Social Sciences & Humanities

Our Social Sciences & Humanities Department provides a range of courses that help to build students' understanding of the world. We use current events and hands-on activities to help build students' empathy and character.


​L. Casaubon​T. Checkley​C. Maidment


Grade 9
HIF 1O1-Individual and Family in Society

Grade 10
HFN 2O1- Food and Nutrition

Grade 11
HIR 3C1 -Managing Your Personal and Family Resources
HNC 3O1-Fashion and Creative Expression
HPC 3O1-Parenting
HPW 3C1-Living and Working with Children
HSP 3M1-Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

Grade 12
HFA 4M1-Food and Nutrition Sciences
HHG 4M1-Issues in Human Growth and Development
HHS 4M1-Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society
HNB 4O1-Fashion Industry
HPD 4E1-Parenting
HSB 4M1-Challenge and Change in Society