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Health & Physical Education

​​​In the Health & Physical Education Department we strive to inspire students to live healthy, active lives. Our courses are designed for students of various abilities. We want students to develop a holistic understanding of health and wellness that will benefit them during their adolescence and beyond. Students interested in health-related post-secondary and career options can build their knowledge and experience through our range of courses.

November 2017

As the calendar turns to November, the PE department moves classes indoors for a variety of sports and fitness activities within our many courses.  Our emphasis, as always, is to help improve student activity levels and fitness, while also building on their physical literacy to enhance enjoyment and competence to participate, both now and in the future.

November represents fitness testing time as students repeat benchmark testing to assess their fitness levels in a variety of areas, hoping to realize improvement through the regular participation in physical education class.

During the week of November 20, close to 100 of our PE students from across grades and courses, had the opportunity to take part in a program called "Higher Learning".  This high ropes initiative program was delivered by a Simcoe-based company called Wildlife Academy.  Thanks to Jason "Sarge" Sargeant who brought his program and fantastic learning experience to CCI for the third year running.