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Health & Physical Education

​​​​​​In the Health & Physical Education Department we strive to inspire students to live healthy, active lives. Our courses are designed for students of various abilities. We want students to develop a holistic understanding of health and wellness that will benefit them during their adolescence and beyond. Students interested in health-related post-secondary and career options can build their knowledge and experience through our range of courses.

Healthy Active Semester Two

Things have gotten rolling in HPE in semester two.  Our first two weeks are full of benchmark fitness testing to find our where students are in terms of physical fitness and help them set goals for improvement in the term.  Classes have begun activity units and gotten into the routine of regular exercise.  In addition to developing fitness and active living habits, the PE department has a focus of enhancing "physical literacy":  this includes improving movement competency in sport and fitness skills, and developing a better understanding of how to play strategically within different types of games.  Below, Mr. Sproule's class is playing a game of "Jai Alai" a Net/wall game, learning the importance of defensive strategy and ready position.


Students in semester two PE classes have the opportunity to go to a Ski/snowboard field trip on Friday March 2 at Blue Mountain.  There is a permission form avaiable in the PE office but participants MUST fill in the associated waivers and rental information found at the link below:

Grade 9 students playing "Jai Alai" in PE class.​​​
jail alai 2.JPG