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​ALL potential graduates, please READ THIS:  

External scholarships 2017_18.pdf

Post Secondary Survival CCI.pdf

There are many awards and scholarships available.

Students can learn about scholarship opportunities by:

subscribing to Remind text 647-496-4359, use the message @ccigrads18

- CCI am (morning announcements) on YouTube

- visiting CCI guidance twitter account @GuidanceCCI

- checking the scholarship binder in Guidance (which is constantly being updated)

- checking individual websites of post-secondary institutions

- checking this page of our school website


with selection process by CCI:

SFBLF Annual Banting Legacy Scholarship for a Youth Living with Diabetes

The value of the Scholarship received by the student is $2,500. The student is also invited to meet fellow recipients and sponsors at a major event. In the past, the award presentation event has been held on a weekend at U of T and recipients housed in university residence accommodation at no charge (costs are covered by sponsors). The venue and event approach may be adjusted this year. The students also become part of a peer group of other former recipients and receive on-going ‘mentoring’ help and are encouraged to assume that role themselves as they progress. SFBLF also provides a special ‘certificate’ for the student which we hope to present to the student at their school if circumstances permit.

We administer the recipient selection process for this scholarship through a long-standing program run by the Diabetes Hope Foundation as do many other scholarship sponsors. Since 1999, 548 scholarships have been awarded to support students with diabetes to attend 69 post-secondary institutions globally; including 8 provinces in Canada, 7 US states, Poland, Switzerland, the UK and the West Indies.

Our scholarship recipient must be from our ‘region’ (loosely defined). The winner of our inaugural (2015) scholarship was a young woman from Patrick Fogarty Catholic SS in Orillia. She is now studying medicine at U of T. Being from ‘our region’ does not preclude any applicant from qualifying for an award sponsored by another organization. All scholarships in the program provide the same monetary award.

The recipients are chosen by a panel of independent, ‘third party’ experts from various medical, educational and healthcare provider organizations. The panel members are not given the name of the student or the school affiliation until after the selection process has been completed.

The deadline for receipt of online applications is March 2, 2018.  The documents required in support of the application take some time to complete and assemble (e.g. reference letters) so ‘last minute’ action is unlikely to prove successful.

Students can find the instructions regarding the online application process at

On that page, they will also find links to Scholarship Application Questions as well as standard forms for Reference Letters.

Loran Scholars Foundation  Scholarship for character, service and leadership.  Deadline for sponsored applicants Oct. 18 and for direct pool applicants Oct. 25.  Please speak to guidance by October 6 if you wish to be a sponsored applicant.

Chancellor's Scholarship at Queen's University

Total Value = $36,000

Program of Study All
  • Superior academic ability
  • Creative and original thinking
  • Proven leadership qualities
  • High school nomination required* If you would like to be nominated, give Mrs. Hillock a 1 page sheet with above criteria examples by Nov. 16 by 3:00 pm.(Thursday).  Principal Scime will be making the final selection of nominees.

* Number of nominations per high school is based on graduating class size: CCI can nominate 2 this year

 QuARMS Candidates:

  • Must be nominated for a Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • Only one Chancellor nominee may be selected as a QuARMS candidate from within each school’s respective nominee guidelines
  • Schools that are permitted only one Chancellor’s nominee (graduating class size less than 250) will have the option to nominate one additional Chancellor’s nominee provided one of the two nominees is a QuARMS candidate.
High School Grades 90% +

Deadline to Apply for Nomination is November 17, 3:00.  1 Page sheet with above criteria examples.

Schulich Leader Scholarships:  Each scholarship includes up to $100,000 . This entrance scholarship is awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at one of their 20 Canadian Partner universities.   If you are a student that exemplifies at least two of the following criteria: academic excellence, leadership and financial need, please let the guidance department know that you are interested in this award by Dec. 1, 2017 by 3:00. Submit a 1 page sheet (point form is fine) expanding on two of the three criteria.  Please give this 1 page sheet to Mrs. Hillock by Dec. 1, 2017 by 3:00.  For more information see the external awards binder in guidance or visit

Western University of Ontario National Scholarship
National Scholarship Program is designed to recognize exceptional undergraduate students who demonstrate the highest levels of academic and extracurricular achievement. 

For the 2018/2019 academic year, the Western National Scholarship Program includes the following scholarships:

  • Five President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $65,000 ($20,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four) and up to 15 at $50,000 ($10,000 annually, plus $10,000 towards first-year residence costs);
  • Three International President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $50,000 ($10,000 annually, plus $10,000 towards first year residence costs). *These scholarships are reserved for international (visa) students (not Canadian citizens or Permanent residents of Canada);
  • Up to 15 Faculty Entrance Scholarships valued at $30,000 ($6,000 annually, plus $6,000 towards first-year residence costs);
  • Up to 39 National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards redeemable for participation in a Western approved study abroad program. Valued at $2,500 for up to 4 months (one term), $5,000 for over 4 months (more than one term);
  • One Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Award valued at $64,000 ($16,000 per academic year for a period of four years); 
  • Up to 50 National Merit Awards valued at $2,000 for one year. Those students who are interviewed for a National Scholarship but not offered a National Scholarship or a Schulich Leader Scholarship and accepting an offer of admission to main campus will receive a one-year National Merit Award valued at $2,000. Recipients will also retain eligibility for an Admission Scholarship ranging in value from $1,000 to $10,000.


Click here to access the application for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents

Click here to access the application for International Students (Visa students)

The on-line application for the Western National Scholarship Program and additional information including number of students each school can nominate can be found at

Should you have any questions or require further details about the Western National Scholarship Program, please contact Norma Merino at 519-661-2111 extension 85958 or email

Deadline to Apply for Nomination is January  12 , 2018, 3:00.  CCI can nominate 4 students.  Please complete 1 Page sheet with examples supporting the criteria for nomination, please hand it to Mrs. Hillock.

Northwestern Ontario-Simcoe County Citizenship Scholarship (Lakehead University):

The NWOSCCS is awarded to ten (10) graduating Canadian students from high schools in the Northwestern Ontario and Simcoe County region who model good citizenship within their high schools and communities. 


$3,000 (for 1st year only)

  • Awarded to ten (10) graduating students from high schools in Northwestern Ontario and Simcoe County who model good citizenship within their high school and community
  • A minimum 85% average in Grade 12 U or M academic marks as of May 2018 is required
  • Must be a citizen, permanent resident, or landed immigrant of Canada
  • Must plan to attend Lakehead University the following year on a full-time basis
  • Must be nominated by high school guidance department

The recipients of the NWOSCCS will be informed in May 2018. For more information on this scholarship opportunity, including the specific eligibility requirements, please refer to

Deadline for nomination from CCI:  January 26, 2018  at 3:00, please see Mrs. Hillock.

Useful websites: – Ontario College Application Centre                                                         – Ontario University Application Centre                                                           


Potential graduates are encouraged to visit CCI Guidance on Twitter: @Guidance CCI

Remind is used to inform students of university/college visits, meetings, some scholarship opportunities, etc. 

To subscribe, text 1-647-496-4359 with the message @ccigrads18.  If you do not have texting capabilities, e-mail online to sign up.   Parents are welcome to subscribe.



For a list of EXTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS: External scholarships 2017_18.pdf

Students MUST check external scholarship websites for specific deadlines and application details.


Be sure to check out the Scholarship Binder in Guidance and to check out these websites too: