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Department Head
Gr. 10 and 12 
Guidance Counsellor
ex. 41571​
Office Administrator
ex. 41560
​Gr. 9 and 12
Guidance Counsellor
ex. 41562
Gr. 11 and 12
Guidance Counsellor
ex. 41563
​​Gr. 11 and 12
Guidance Counsellor
ex. 41562
Guidance Counsellor




Courses Offered At CCI 2017 2018.pdf

The guidance office is a comfortable and welcoming environment for students and families—a place where you can obtain information and support. The secondary school guidance department serves the school community in a variety of ways:

  • Supports students in academic planning and course selection

  • Helps students seek out special pathways programs in secondary school that support their learning styles, interests and needs

  • Helps individual students to envision a plan for post-secondary and target some short- and long-term goals

  • Provides information about all post-secondary and career pathways

  • Supports students in establishing effective study habits and exam preparation

  • Coaches in career/life planning, including college and university scholarship application process

  • Supports students with life skills like decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, stress and time management and relationship awareness

  • Provides personal support and referrals to community resources

Guidance at CCI

Visit the links on the left to see more about how our Guidance department can help you.

Guidance Phone: (705) 445 - 3161 ext. 41560
Open: 8:15am to 4:15pm​

Student Course Selection Instructions 9-11.pdf

Student letter for elearning.pdf

CCI Co-op Application.pdf


For Graduating Students: 

Post Secondary Survival CCI .pdf

External scholarships 2017_18.pdf 


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