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Core French and Extended French

​​We have had a great start to semester 2.  We currently have 5 teachers delivering curriculum in French to our students.  We have students in Grade 9-12 core French classes and our Grade 9 Extended French students are currently taking their géographie classes, while our grade 10 EFSL students are taking histoire and our senior extended French students are completing their En plein air and language courses concurrently. 

If you have a child currently taking French this semester at CCI, you will have received a form requesting your  Acknowledgements and Permissions. There is one section asking you to confirm that you consent your child's use of and your awareness of the Privacy Statements/Terms and Conditions of Third Party tools that could be used this semester with French students.

Below is a list of third party computer applications and web-based services that are currently being used this school year by teachers in the French department and that require student information in order to have functional access.

G Suite /GAFE

Please stay tuned for photos of our students participating in language learning activities.
Don't forget Mardi Gras is on February 13th this year, for those who like to enjoy this celebration!

If you are interested in knowing more about student language and cultural exchanges, please feel free to contact any of the French teachers or the Guidance Department.​

High school is a great time for students to learn new languages. The Languages Department provides a range of options for students.

In addition, students can take additional International Languages courses through The Learning Centres. These credit courses are offered outside of the school day.