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The Arts

​​December Department News

Our Arts Department offers a variety of opportunities for students. Art—musical, visual or dramatic—helps students to build their creativity and confidence, which will benefit them academically and in life in general. Students can also explore areas of interest that can lead to post-secondary or career options.


Welcome to Collingwood Collegiate Institute Music, one of the largest and most diverse music programs in the province of Ontario, offering a wide variety of courses and co-curricular groups. Whether you're a student who is picking up an instrument for the first time in grade nine, or a student with a wealth of previous experience, we have classes specifically designed just for you! For those who would like to sing, we offer vocal music. And for those interested in the computers, synthesisers and music, we offer a state of the art lab and series of courses dedicated to this advanced blend of music and technology.

Visit our Music Department's website. ​



​​Visual Art