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CCI Student Murals

Thursday, January 6, 2022
Thursday, January 6, 2022
Thursday, January 6, 2022

A local realestate team has purchased the former Little Red Hen a beloved niche of our Collingwood community.  For students, families, and colleagues this has been a familiar location for many.  The Collingwood Collegiate Team has celebrated numerous breakfast staff appreciation events held at this location during moratorium transition between 1st and 2nd Semester over the years.  ALC French Visual Arts and Drama as well as Traditional Visual Arts students were keen to pay homage to the former dinner near and dear to our community hearts.  We are proud to see the business front on main street now in new local ownership through the Keleher Team.    Nostalgia is a compelling remembrance during the Holidays.  When the Keleher Team sought student volunteers to paint murals for the annual Downtown Market Holiday Décor celebrations it did not take the students long to complete joyful murals.  Terri Keleher extended her thanks in the following statement, "I was at the building … today, and noticed so many people stopping to look at it, and even take photos of the art. The students did a really great job, and they should be proud of it." In hindsight art brings forthwith, a wonderful life of design, imagination, good spirit, and tribute both past and present.  We hope that much of the community can continue to view the murals on display main street downtown Collingwood during the coming weeks.  Though if opportunity does not bring you to the Keleher Team mural displays than hopefully the photos of our students' artworks will warm your hearts in this community and family time of year.  Kind regards to the Keleher Team and the opportunity for student community involvement as well as the donation of paints and other materials.   

 Mural 1 2 3 CCI.png

Mural 1 CCI.png

Mural 2 CCI.png

Mural 3 CCI.png

Mural 123 CCI Display.png

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